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Table 1 Summary of enzyme-encoding tt alleles described to date

From: Analysis of T-DNA alleles of flavonoid biosynthesis genes in Arabidopsis ecotype Columbia

Gene Allele1 Line number2 Ecotype3 Mutagen4 First described
chalcone synthase (CHS)at5g13930 tt4-1 85 Ler EMS [14, 20]
tt4-2 2YY6 Col EMS [2123]
tt4-3 C1 Col Carbon ions [24]
tt4-4 C2 Col Carbon ions
tt4-5 UV01 Ler γ radiation [25]
tt4-6 UV25 Ler EMS
tt4-7 UV113 Ler γ radiation
tt4-8 UV118a Ler γ radiation
tt4-9 38G1R Ler γ radiation
tt4-10   Est-1 EMS [26]
tt4-11 DFW34 Ws-2 T-DNA [27]
tt4-12 CS429127 / GK-304D03 Col T-DNA [28]
tt4-13 SALK_020583 5 Col-0 T-DNA [29, 30]
tt4-14 through 21    zinc finger nucleases [31]
chalcone isomerase (CHI)at3g55120 tt5-1 86   EMS [14]
tt5-2 CS300857/ GK-176H03 Col T-DNA [28, 30]; this report
tt5-3 SALK_034145 Col-0 T-DNA This report
flavanone 3-hydroxylase (F3H)at3g51240 tt6-1 87 Ler EMS [14, 32]
f3h-2::En   Col Transposon [32]
f3h-3::En   Col Transposon
f3h-4f   Col Transposon
f3h-5f   Col Transposon
tt6-2 CS427992 / GK-292E08 Col-0 T-DNA [28]
tt6-3 SALK_113904 5 Col-0 T-DNA [33]
tt6-4 SALK_023664 Col-0 T-DNA Leaky allele – unpublished results
flavonoid 3'-hydroxylase (F3'H)at5g07990 tt7-1 88 Ler EMS [14, 34]
tt7-2   Col-7 T-DNA [35]
tt7-3 CS433473 / GK-349F05 Col-0 T-DNA [28, 30]
tt7-4 DJI11 Ws-2 T-DNA [27]
tt7-5 SALK_053394 Col-0 T-DNA [36]
dihydroflavonol 4-reductase (DFR) at5g42800 tt3-1 84 Ler EMS [37]
tt3-2 CS428258 / GK-295C10 Col-0 T-DNA [28]
tt3-3   Est-1 fast neutrons [26]
  GK-212G01 Col-0 T-DNA Some segregants have pale brown seeds, none yellow
  SALK_099848 Col-0 T-DNA Does not have phenotype
anthocyanidin synthase (ANS/LDOX)at4g22880 tt11-1     Debeaujon and Koornneef, unpublished
tt11-2   Ler EMS [38]
tds4-1   Ws-4 T-DNA but not tagged (INRA) [35]
tds4-2 SALK_028793 Col-0 T-DNA [39]
tds4-3 CSHL GT9767 Ler Gene trap
tt17   Est-1 Fast neutrons [26]
tt18-1 AB084467 Col Carbon ions [40]
tt18-2 AB084468 Col Carbon ions
tt18-3   Col Carbon ions
tt11-11 (tds4-4) SALK_073183 Col-0 T-DNA [39]; this report.
anthocyanidin reductase (ANR/BAN) at1g61720 ban-1   Ws-2 T-DNA [41]
ban-2 F36 En-1 unknown [42]
ban-3 F52 En-1 unknown
ban-4 SALK_040250 5 Col-0 T-DNA This report
flavonol synthase 1 (FLS1)at5g08640 fls1-1 fls-1::En Col Transposon [32, 43]
fls-2f   Col Transposon [32]
fls-3f   Col Transposon
fls-4d   Col Transposon
fls1-2 RIKEN PST16145 No-0 T-DNA [44]
fls1-3 INRA FLAG_533E06 (AJ588535/EGT283) Ws T-DNA [45]
  SALK_076420 Col-0 T-DNA Recessive embryo lethal potentially due to disruption of adjacent divergently-transcribed gene [45]
FLS2at5g63580 fls2-1 SALK_023235 Col-0 T-DNA [45]
fls2-2 GK-429B10 Col-0 T-DNA [44]
FLS3at5g63590 fls3-1 SALK_050041 Col-0 T-DNA [44, 45]
FLS4at5g63595 fls4-1 SALK_002309 Col-0 T-DNA
FLS5at5g63600 fls5-1 CS430396 / GK-317E12 Col-0 T-DNA
FLS6at5g43935 fls6-1 SALK_0038795 Col-0 T-DNA  
  1. 1 Alleles in bold are described in the current study.
  2. 2 GK = GABI-Kat.
  3. 3Standard ecotype abbreviations, as follows: Landsberg erecta (Ler); Columbia accession number 0 (Col-0) or accession unknown (Col), ; Enkheim (En-1); Estland (Est-1); Wassilewskija (Ws-2).
  4. 4 ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS).
  5. 5 independently-derived homozygote already available at ABRC.