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Figure 4

From: Establishing a health demographic surveillance site in Bhaktapur district, Nepal: initial experiences and findings

Figure 4

Socio-economic classification of the households in the Health Demographic Surveillance site at Jhaukhel and Duwakot (JD-HDSS). The socioeconomic class was defined by Kuppuswamy’s socioeconomic status scale modified to the Nepalese context [13]. The scale takes into account the education status, occupation and family income per month to categorize the family into high, middle and low socio economic status. The income classification of the original scale in Indian currency was here converted into Nepalese Rupees by multiplying with 1.6 (1 Rs Indian = 1.60 Rs. Nepali) and also using the 2010 consumer price index of Nepal. The Reliability Coefficient (α) was 0.503 in the current study.

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