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Meta-analyses and Forest plots using a microsoft excel spreadsheet: step-by-step guide focusing on descriptive data analysis

BMC Research Notes20125:52

Received: 4 August 2011

Accepted: 20 January 2012

Published: 20 January 2012

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Archived Comments

  1. Forest Plot:Meta-analyses and Forest plots using a microsoft excel spreadsheet

    10 March 2013

    Vishnu Khanal, Curtin University

    Dear Authors,

    Thank you very much for this useful paper. I learned to build a forest plot based on your paper.

    I found there has been a typing error in the paper while building in the forest paper.

    In page 4, Spreadsheet2, Forest plot sub section: in step 2 (last paragraph, last line). You have mentioned K2=I2+(100*F2). However, it leads to the value which is different from what you have mentioned in the Figure2 on Colum K. I checked your additional file and found that you original instruction was K2=(G2*100)-I2. I am sure it is a typo error. I am writing to you in case readers may chose to practice from your original excel files.

    Thank you again for your paper, and additional files. It is very helpful for the beginners like me.


    Vishnu Khanal

    MPH Student

    Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

    Competing interests

    I declare that I have no competing interest

  2. typo

    10 April 2013

    Jeruza Neyeloff, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

    Dear Vishnu,

    You are correct. If you use the formulas from the additional file everything should work fine.

    I am glad the paper was helpful and that you've learned from it.

    Best regards,

    Jeruza Neyeloff

    Competing interests

    I have no competing interests.

Authors’ Affiliations

Post Graduate Program of Cardiology, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil