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Table 1 Description of the three process phases in the practice guideline for employed workers

From: Development and qualitative evaluation of an adapted return to work guideline for the sick-listed unemployed and temporary agency workers with minor psychological problems

Process phase Recovery tasks Interventions Timeline*
Loss of control leads to -understanding and insight -information (oral and written) Start counselling within 2 weeks after reporting sick.
-acceptance -rational Completion after approximately 3 weeks (after starting counselling)
1. CRISIS PHASE -rest and relaxation -talking advice
-providing perspective
-positive labelling Goal not achievedstagnation
-worry assignments
-daily structure
-sleep structure
View on causes leads to From orientation on problems to orientation on solutions. -problem and solutions inventories Completion at 3–6 weeks after completion of the first phase
2. PROBLEM- AND SOLUTION PHASE -writing and registration assignments  
-identification of problems and solutions or directions Goal not achievedstagnation
Application of solutions leads to Orientation on applications. -target schemes Completion no later than 6 weeks after completion of the second phase
-anticipation assignment
-picking up all the roles and tasks
3. APPLICATION PHASE -reorganise assignments
  -performance recovery of the worker   Goal not achievedstagnation
  1. * In case of stagnation in each of the three phases the physician should reconsider the following principles:
  2. (a) supplement problem orientation?; (b) change diagnosis?; (c) adjust interventions?
  3. Go through the stage again (+ related tasks) and complete.