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Table 2 Aims of the implementation of case management at the Department of Palliative Medicine

From: Identifying patients suitable for palliative care - a descriptive analysis of enquiries using a Case Management Process Model approach

Optimisation of patient care The case manager carries out a needs-oriented process accompaniment for the palliative patient (e. g. advice, organisation of aid, contacts with other stakeholders). Palliative care patients from other wards of the University Hospital Cologne and external enquirers gain access to the different services provided by the department. All professional groups receive all relevant information concerning the patients from the case manager.
Improvement in communication between various professionals The aim is to improve communication between the palliative home care service, the palliative ward, the palliative consult service and, if necessary, other external health care services. The means of information transmission shall be made more transparent.
Releasing some burden from physicians, nurses and social workers Physicians, nurses and social workers shall be released from administrative and coordinative tasks by the work of the case management.