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Table 3 Enquiring persons

From: Identifying patients suitable for palliative care - a descriptive analysis of enquiries using a Case Management Process Model approach

Enquiring persons Enquiries Enquiring persons Enquiries
External affected persons 40.8% Children 35.0%
Partners 23.5%
The patient him-/herself 16.9%
Other family members 15.9%
Friends and acquaintances 6.9%
Other persons 1.8%
Internal professionals of hospital 36.1% Physicians 46.0%
Palliative consultation service 19.1%
Case Management other wards 12.2%
Palliative home care service 6.4%
Nursing staff 5.5%
Transfer management of medical care 2.8%
Social workers 1.7%
Centre for Integrated Oncology (CIO) Köln Bonn 5.5%
Other internal professionals 0.8%
External professionals/services 22.5 % Consultants 56.4%
Employees of other hospitals 26.2%
Other services 11.6%
Out-patient care services of hospices 5.8%
Other persons 0.6 %