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Table 1 Sources of gene expression data contributing to the analysis groups

From: An Always Correlated gene expression landscape for ovine skeletal muscle, lessons learnt from comparison with an “equivalent” bovine landscape

Analysis group Time points1 Number of arrays2 Number of genes in network
Callipyge 80d3, 100d, 120d, T04, P10d5, P20d, P30d, T12 16 4,176
Normal 80d, 100d, 120d, T0, P10d, P20d, P30d, T12 19 3,732
Prenatal (Callipyge and normal) 80d, 100d, 120d, 15 3,081
Postnatal (Callipyge and normal) T0, P10d, P20d, P30d, T12 20 3,476
High-Low (high and low muscling phenotypes) T78 40 3,462
Overall 80d, 100d, 120d, T0, P10d, P20d, P30d, T12, T78 75 17,308
AC landscape intersection of above networks   1,661
  1. 1Data for 80d, 100d, 120d normal is from Byrne et al., 2010 [4], data for T0 and T12 is from Vuocolo et al., 2007 [5], data for 10d, 20d and 30d is from Fleming-Waddell et al., 2007 [6] and data from T78 is from Kogelman et al., [7].
  2. 2Each array was from a separate individual.
  3. 3Days post conception.
  4. 4Weeks post natal.
  5. 5Days post natal.