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Table 5 Types of paediatric corneoscleral injuries presenting at UPTH

From: Pattern of paediatric corneal laceration injuries in the University of port Harcourt teaching hospital, Rivers state, Nigeria

Type of laceration Freq%
Corneal injury alone 9 (25.0)
Corneal injury + uveal prolapse 16 (44.4)
Limbal involvement alone 1 (2.8)
Limbal involvement in addition 20 (58.3)
Scleral laceration alone 1 (2.8)
Corneoscleral laceration + complications 9 (25.0)
- lid laceration---1 case
-Cataract---4 cases
-posterior segment(Vitreous haemorrhage, retinal detachment, endophthalmitis---4 cases.