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Table 8 The presenting VA and outcome of paediatric patients who presented within 48 hours of injury at UPTH

From: Pattern of paediatric corneal laceration injuries in the University of port Harcourt teaching hospital, Rivers state, Nigeria

Nature of injury Type of injury Presenting visual acuity Visual acuity on discharge
Zinc roofing sheets/cutlass (1 patient presented within 48 hr.) Scleral laceration + uveal prolapse CF CF
Stick/broomstick (1 patient presented within 24 hr.) Corneoscleral lac + uveal prolapse NLP NLP
Broken bottles/bottle top(1 patient presented in 48 hr) Cornel laceration + uveal prolapse NLP NLP
Stone/catapult (4 patients presented within 48 hr.)- Corneal laceration + uveal prolapse CF 6/12
Patient 1    
Patient 2 Corneal laceration + uveal prolapse HM 6/9
Patient 3 Corneoscleral lac + limbal involvement + uveal prolapse NLP NLP
Patient 4 Corneal laceration only 6/60 6/36