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Table 1 Intervention and data collection

From: Analysis of benzodiazepine withdrawal program managed by primary care nurses in Spain

Visit Selection Selection of candidates for study
Patient: Completes questionnaire.
Doctor: Checks that patient meets criteria for study (reviews results of data collection questionnaire + nurse interview).
Nurse: Semi-structured interview with patient. Consent obtained from patient.
If patient accepts: Questionnaires / test (T) given to patient + set up of start date (VISIT 0)
Visit 0 Collect questionnaires / tests + Brief educational intervention (BEI) + detoxification regimen given to patient
Visit 4 BEI + detoxification regimen plan given
Visit 8 BEI + detoxification regimen + Questionnaires / test (T) given to patient
Visit 12 BEI + Collect questionnaires / tests and new Questionnaires / test (T) given to patient
Visit 24 BEI + Collect questionnaires / tests (T)
  1. BEI: Brief educational Intervention.
  2. T: test. Include: SFHF 12, Goldberg, and MOS.