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Table 2 Descriptive data pertaining to the effect of maternal separation and voluntary exercise on RTL in the left ventral hippocampus

From: The impact of voluntary exercise on relative telomere length in a rat model of developmental stress

Experimental group n Mean RTL SEM 95% CI
nMSnR 10 0.821 0.061 0.682–0.960
nMSR 9 1.152 0.101 0.919–1.385
MSnR 11 1.571 0.397 0.687–2.454
MSR 9 1.142 0.219 0.638–1.647
  1. Abbreviations: nMSnR, non-maternally separated non-runners; nMSR, non-maternally separated runners; MSnR, maternally separated non-runners; MSR, maternally separated runners; RTL, relative telomere length; SEM, standard error of means; CI, confidence interval.