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Table 1 Health locus of control ratings by sex

From: Health-related locus of control and health behaviour among university students in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany

   Female Male
Health locus of control dimensions Items N Mean (SD) N Mean (SD)
Internal (ILOC) * The main thing which affects my health is what I myself do. 1688 11.21 (1.86) 1498 11.65 (1.80)
* I am in control of my health.     
* If I get sick, it is my own behaviour which determines how soon I get well again.     
Powerful others (PLOC) * Regarding my health, I can only do what my doctor tells me to do. 1677 6.98 (1.70) 1502 7.14 (1.89)
* Having regular contact with my physician is the best way for me to avoid illness.     
* Health professionals control my health.     
Chance (CLOC) * My good health is largely a matter of good fortune. 1677 7.07 (1.77) 1504 7.24 (1.92)
* Luck plays a big part in determining how soon I will recover from an illness.     
  * If it’s meant to be, I will stay healthy.     
  1. SD – standard deviation.