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Table 1 Phenotyping panel used for cells subsets detection

From: Haematological parameters, natural regulatory CD4 + CD25 + FOXP3+ T cells and γδ T cells among two sympatric ethnic groups having different susceptibility to malaria in Burkina Faso

Phenotyping Panel Antibodies - fluorochromes
Ex-vivo staining  
T cells CD3-PE/CD4-PC5/CD25-FITC
γδ T cells CD3-PE/Panγδ-PC5/Vδ2-FITC
CD127 T cells CD127-PE/CD4-PC5/CD25-FITC
FoxP3 T cells FoxP3-PE/CD4-PC5/CD25-FITC
Stimulated cells  
IL10 secreting T cells IL10-PE/CD4-PC5/CD25-FITC
IFNγ secreting γδ T cells IFNγ-PE/Panγδ-PC5/Vδ2-FITC