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Table 1 Types of user-entered searches, showing clicks on adverts for each of three groups and examples of user entered searches in each group

From: Using online adverts to increase the uptake of cervical screening amongst “real Eastenders”: an opportunistic controlled trial

Group Clicks Examples of search terms entered
Eastenders and TV related no mention of cancer 75 (9.4%) Eastenders, Tanya Branning, Tanya Eastenders
Cancer/health related no mention of Eastenders 690 (86.5%) Cervical cancer, smear test, cervical cancer symptoms, what is cervical cancer, signs of cervix cancer, how do you detect cervical cancer
Related to Tanya Branning and her health/cancer 33 (4.1%) Eastenders Tanya cancer, does Tanya die in eastenders, what’s wrong with Tanya in eastenders, what cancer does Tanya have
ALL 798