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Table 3 Cell size, CV and cellular circularity of cultured P3 HCECs at Day 30

From: Optimization of human corneal endothelial cell culture: density dependency of successful cultures in vitro

Seeding density

Cell size ± SD (μm2)

Coefficient of variation (CV)

Cellular circularity

‘LOW’ Density

9470.16 ± 3825.78*


0.79 ± 0.12

‘MID’ Density

8299.53 ± 3408.87*


0.78 ± 0.08

  1. The average cell sizes, CV and cellular circularity of P3 HCECs seeded at the two lower densities, analyzed at Day 30. Statistical comparisons were performed using independent sample t-tests, and significance were observed between the groups compared *p < 0.01.