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Table 1 Arcobacter strains used in this study

From: Multilocus sequence typing and biocide tolerance of Arcobacter butzleri from Danish broiler carcasses

Species ID Obtained from
A. butzleri LMG 10828 BCCM/LMG (Ghent, Belgium)
A. cryaerophilus LMG 7536 CCUG (Göteborg, Sweden)
LMG 10829 BCCM/LMG (Ghent, Belgium)
A. skirrowii LMG 6621 CCUG (Göteborg, Sweden)
A. trophiarum LMG 25534 BCCM/LMG (Ghent, Belgium)
A. cibarius LMG 21996 BCCM/LMG (Ghent, Belgium)
A. thereius LMG 24486 BCCM/LMG (Ghent, Belgium)