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Figure 4

From: The zebrafish mutants for the V-ATPase subunits d, ac45, E, H and c and their variable pigment dilution phenotype

Figure 4

Phylogenetic analysis of five V-ATPase subunits genes. (A) Schematic representation showing the proposed subunit arrangement in the V-ATPase complex. Phylogenetic trees were made using the aminoacid sequence from the five V-ATPase subunits from different organisms. The analysis was made using MacVector 12.5, multiple sequence alignment was carried out with ClustalW and trees were built with the Neighbor Joining method using a Best tree with systematic tie breaking. Subunits V0-d1 (B) and V1-H (E) have a single copy in the zebrafish genome while subunits V0-ac45b (C), V1-E1b (D) and V0-ca (F) had duplication events and possess two different copies. Aminoacid sequences were obtained from Ensembl or NCBI databases. The branch labels are substitutions per site. Outer groups used for subunits V0-d1, V1-E1b and V1-H were Yeast, for V0-ac45b C. elegans and for V0-ca the Thermus thermophilus bacteria.

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