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Table 2 Number of colonic intraepithelial (IE) and lamina propria (LP) immune cells before, during and after Campylobacter infection

From: Changes in the symptom pattern and the densities of large-intestinal endocrine cells following Campylobacter infection in irritable bowel syndrome: a case report

Cell type Before infection During infection After infection Controlsc95% confidence interval
2 months 4 months
Leucocytes in LPa 69 268 102 199 81-118
Leucocytes in IEb 110 224 162 150 78-115
Lymphocytes in LPa 3 39 2 2 0-5
Lymphocytes in IEb 1 6 7 8 0-2
Mast cellsa 7 17 11 12 6-10
  1. Quantifications of cells were conducted in ten randomly chosen fields using the Olympus CellSense software.
  2. aNumber of cells per field.
  3. bNumber of cells per mm2 of epithelium.
  4. cThe control group comprised 27subjects (16 females and 11 males; mean age 52 years, range 20–69 years) who had submitted to colonoscopy for the following reasons: gastrointestinal bleeding, where the source of bleeding was identified as haemorrhoids (n=18), or angiodysplasia (n=2), and health worries resulting from a relative being diagnosed with colon carcinoma (n=7).