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Table 1 A comparison between OGA, Neurocarta and the GWASdb diagram browser

From: OGA: an ontological tool of human phenotypes with genetic associations

  OGA Neurocarta* GWASdb Diagram Browser
Number of links 205,707 30,000 91,301**
Number of concepts 2,294 2,000 622
Number of genes 11,349 7,000 7,511
Backbone HPO HPO, DO, MPO*** EFO
Curated No Yes No
Statistical analysis Yes No No
Interface Standalone Website Website
  1. *The numbers for Neurocarta were taken from [7] **This number was calculated by matching the links from Experimetal Factor Ontology (EFO) to GWASdb (GWAS-EFO-mappings file from [13]). ***Disease Ontology (DO), Mouse Phenotype Ontology (MPO), Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO).
  2. This table shows the comparison between OGA, Neurocarta and GDB for several measures such as the total number of links, concepts and genes.