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Table 1 Transmission of Cassava mosaic disease via bud grafts in cultivar 60444

From: Efficient transmission of Cassava brown streak disease viral pathogens by chip bud grafting

Age of test plants CMD-free scion buds* CMD infected scion buds+
Successful grafts/number performed (%) Successful grafts/number performed (%) CMD transmission/total grafts (%)
Six weeks    
1. 11/12 10/12 9/12
2. 12/12 11/11 10/11
Ten weeks    
1. 9/10 8/10 8/10
2. 11/11 10/12 10/12
Total 43/45 (95.6) 39/45 (86.7) 37/45 (82.2)
  1. *axillary buds were excised from disease free plants and grafted back onto the same mother plant (self graft). Grafting success was assessed one week later and scored positive if the chip buds retained their green color and had attached to the rootstock with callus tissue formed along edges of the graft union.
  2. +axillary buds were excised from plants infected with EACMV-K201 and grafted onto healthy plants of cv. 60444. CMD transmission was visually assessed and scored for development of typical CMD symptoms on young leaves of the rootstock test plant. Data shown for plants six weeks after grafting.
  3. Data is shown for graft experiments performed twice (1 & 2), at six and ten weeks after plants were established in soil.