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Table 1 Vectors used for restriction enzyme mediated selectable marker gene disruption

From: Altering the selection capabilities of common cloning vectors via restriction enzyme mediated gene disruption

Original Vector (and source) Phenotype of original selectable marker Cloning restriction site Phenotype of cloned selectable marker Construct name
pUC19 (New England Biolabs) ampR Sca I kanR pUC19:kanR
pUC19 (New England Biolabs) ampR Sca I tetR pUC19:tetA
pZErO-2 (Invitrogen) kanR Nco I tetR pZErO-2:tetA
pBlueScript SK + (Stratagene) ampR Sca I kanR pBlueScript SK+: kanR
pET23a (Novagen) ampR Pst I tetR pET23a:tetA
  1. ampR : Ampicillin resistance, kanR : Kanamycin resistance, tetR : Tetracycline resistance.