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Table 1 Interpretation of mean scores as defined by the DREEM developers[26]

From: Veterinary students’ perceptions of their learning environment as measured by the Dundee Ready Education Environment Measure

Mean Score Score Interpretation
Total mean score 0-50 Very poor
  51-100 Significant problem
  101-150 More positive than negative
  151-200 Excellent
Subscale mean score   
Students’ perceptions of learning 0-12 Very poor
  13-25 Negatively viewed teaching
  25-37 A more positive perception
  37-49 Teaching highly regarded
Students’ perceptions of faculty (teachers) 0-11 Very poor
  12-22 Needs re-education
  23-33 Moving in the right direction
  34-44 Model instructors
Students’ academic self-perception 0-8 Feelings of total failure
  9-16 Many negative aspects
  17-24 Feeling more on the positive side
  25-32 Confident
Students’ perceptions of atmosphere 0-12 Very poor environment
  13-24 Many issues need changing
  25-36 A more positive attitude
  37-48 A good overall feeling
Students’ social self-perception 0-7 Miserable
  8-14 Not a nice place
  15-21 Not too bad
  22-28 Very good socially
Individual items mean score ≤2 Problem areas
  2.1-3 Needs improvement
  3.1-3.5 Positive aspect
  >3.5 Excellent