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Table 2 Mortality and its association with microbiology of cause of pneumonia

From: Nosocomial and ventilator-associated pneumonia in a community hospital intensive care unit: a retrospective review and analysis

Microbiologic agent cause of mortality Number of death (Nosocomial; VAP; Total)-percent of total
Pseudomonas (3;6;9)- 21%
MRSA (2;2;4)- 9%
Stenotrophomonas, Acinetobacter, or both (7;4;11)- 26%
Klebsiella (ESBL) (0;1;1)- 2%
Other agents(none of the above) (4;0;4)- 17%
Multidrug Resistance (7;3;10)- 23%
Gram stain Gram positive: (9;1;10)-23%
Gram negative: (9;7;16)-37%