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Table 4 Comparison to published transcriptomes of the genus Poecilia

From: Comparative analysis of the gonadal transcriptomes of the all-female species Poecilia formosa and its maternal ancestor Poecilia mexicana

Taxa Entries Poecilia formosa Poecilia mexicana
Poecilia mexicana[39] 53,245 24,635 (46.27%) 24,574 (46.15%)
Poecilia reticulata[40] 54,987 11,843 (21.54%) 12,039 (21.89%)
  1. Listed are the number of hits (percentage) of the available cDNA entries of the genus Poecilia compared through the tblastx algorithm (E-value cut-off was 10−50) with our Amazon molly (P. formosa) and Atlantic molly (P. mexicana) transcriptomes.