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Table 3 Validity, test-retest reliability, sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of the Mexican Spanish version of the SBAS and the RAPA compared to accelerometer-measured MVPA

From: Validity and reliability of two brief physical activity questionnaires among Spanish-speaking individuals of Mexican descent

  r p value r p value
Validity1 0.38 0.04 0.45 0.01
ICC p value ICC p value
Test-retest reliability2 0.61 0.005 0.65 0.002
Sensitivity3 0.60 0.73
Specificity4 0.47 0.75
Positive predictive value5 0.53 0.73
Negative predictive value6 0.54 0.75
  1. 1Spearman’s rank ordered correlation between MVPA and score on each questionnaire.
  2. 2Intraclass Correlation Coefficient between the scores on the first and second administration of each questionnaire administered one week apart.
  3. 3True positives/ (true positives + false negatives).
  4. 4True negatives/ (true negatives + false positives).
  5. 5True positives/ all positives.
  6. 6True negatives/ all negatives.