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Table 3 TMS point table for the open field locomotor performance of SCI mice

From: New reliable scoring system, Toyama mouse score, to evaluate locomotor function following spinal cord injury in mice

Ankle movement Movement in other joints3) Toe movement4) Touchable area of the sole Coordination5) Hindlimb movement at stepping Body supporting
Frequency1) Mobile extent2) At resting At stepping
No (0) 0 No (0) 0 No 0 No 0 No 0 No 0 No 0 No 0 No 0
<50% 1 <50% 1 Yes 1 Yes 1 Partial sole touch 1 Partial sole touch 1 Yes 1 Rotative 1 Sometimes support of hind body trunk 5
≥50% 2 ≥50% 2      Full sole touch 2 Full sole touch, frequency <50% 2    Parallel 2 Always support of the body trunk, but unstable weight support 10
           Full sole touch, frequency ≥ 50% 3      Always support of the body trunk, and stable weight support 15
           Full sole tohch in every steps 4       
  1. Definitions
  2. 1)Frequency: a ratio of the number of stepping forward with the ankle movement in all steppings.
  3. 2)Mobile extent: Mobile extent observed in a normal mouse is defined as 100%.
  4. 3)Movement of the knee joint or hip joint.
  5. 4)Toe movement: Toes movement, but not spasm.
  6. 5)Coordination: Correspondence between the forelimbs and hindlimbs in steppings.