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Figure 5

From: Fast selection of miRNA candidates based on large-scale pre-computed MFE sets of randomized sequences

Figure 5

Identification of potential pre-miRNA candidates in the Epstein-Barr virus genome sequence. The genomic sequence is shown on the x-axis. The upper track (red A) shows the amount of windows covering the particular region that have a PN < = 0.001. A distinct peak gives a region of interest for a candidate miRNA. By discarding peaks within a repeat region (here shown in blue) and selecting peaks at or above 9 hits, 18 new regions of interest are found (plus strand). Also, 12 known miRNA are found. The green bars indicated by the red B show the EBV genome annotation (gi|82503188|ref|NC_007605.1). The lower part of the graph (red C) shows the EBV genome locations with the red bars indicating locations of the known miRNAs.

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