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Table 4 Perceptions of the decision aid process

From: Investigating active ingredients in a complex intervention: a nested study within the Patient and Decision Aids (PANDAs) randomised controlled trial for people with type 2 diabetes

  Patient Clinician
A I think that’s [the PtDA] let me know what options that I had got, yeah. she picked up very clearly on your charts that were here […] clearly this booklet has given her the indication and helped her make the decision
B You’ve got it down in writing that and then it’s shown clearly across the board. So I think that’s very effective as well. I really think it, it concentrates your mind […] I think it makes you think in depth about what you really think about it, and you don’t just react Very [helpful] yes. Yes, it is, and I think you know, like the first couple of pages is really […] I think that could be rolled out to more of the patients
C I’d made the choice to myself, that I were going on this insulin, so I had to see the doctor […] I confirmed it to myself I was going on it I think it probably reinforced that he could feel better if his diabetic control was better
D I’d made my mind up on this, not 100 per cent, but I’d more or less made my mind up months and months ago that this was the way I wanted it to go, otherwise I’d have been on insulin a long while back I think it’s fantastic, I really, really do. Not only for the patient, but for the professional actually going through a consultation. […] It’s given him a lot of food for thought and I think equipped him with the right knowledge to go away and make that decision
E So no matter what this book says at the end of the day, professional advice is the thing that you really need I think it’s highlighted to him the problems […] seeing the pictures and the percentages may have stuck in there a little bit […] in this particular patient, I don’t think it’s added anything to the consultation, knowing him as I do
F it wouldn’t have persuaded me to not take insulin, but I, as I say, I’ve learnt things Well, definitely [helpful] because previously erm, when insulin’s been mentioned, it’s no [he wouldn't focus on it as an option]
G Well it helped me to make a decision […] It told me I didn’t need to go on insulin. I think the fact that we'd actually got something to show him some sort of card, copy of questions relating to him, you know, tailored to his needs and also then my presentation which perhaps just reinforced everything. […] It's perhaps not the decision we wanted him to make, but that may come in future