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Table 1 List of 30 drugs used in this study

From: Application of next generation sequencing to CEPH cell lines to discover variants associated with FDA approved chemotherapeutics

Drug Class
Busulfan Alkyl sulfonate
Mitoxantrone Anthracenediones
Daunorubicin Anthracyclines
Doxorubicin Anthracyclines
Epirubicin Anthracyclines
Idarubicin Anthracyclines
Topotecan Camptotheca
Hydroxyurea deoxyribonucleotide
Trichostatin A histone deacetylase inhibitor
Rapamycin mTOR inhibitor
Carboplatin Platinum
Oxaliplatin Platinum
Etoposide Podophyllum
Teniposide Podophyllum
Cladribine Purine
Fludarabine Purine
5-fluorouracil Pyrimidine
Azacitidine Pyrimidine
Cytarabine Pyrimidine
Floxuridine Pyrimidine
Gemcitabine Pyrimidine
Bleomycin Streptomyces
Mitomycin Streptomyces
Docetaxel Taxane
Paclitaxel Taxane
Temozolomide Triazines
Vinblastine Vinca alkaloid
Vincristine Vinca alkaloid
Vinorelbine Vinca alkaloid
Arsenic trioxide Other
  1. The drugs and their chemical structure/functional class are listed.