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Table 1 Details of kits used for characterization of in-house panel sera

From: Comparative assessment of commercial ELISA kits for detection of HIV in India

Source of sample Name of panel Test details
   ELISA 1 ELISA 2 Rapid test Confirmatory test
ICTC HIV Sera Panel (In-house) Genetic Systems Genedia HIV Ag-Ab ELISA Rapid 1: Determine HIV1/2 Recombinant Immunoblot Assay
   HIV-1/HIV-2 Green Cross Life Science Corp. Korea Inverness Medical Japan Co. Ltd. Japan Chiron RIBA HIV-1/HIV-2 SIA
   Plus O EIA.    
   Bio-Rad Laboratories. USA Reactivity range (pos specimens): 3.503-8.899 Rapid 2: HIV TRI-DOT + Ag Ortho Clinical
      Diagnostics Ltd, USA
     J. Mitra & Co. Pvt. Ltd. India AMPLICOR HIV-1 DNA Test
   Reactivity range    
      Version 1.5
      Roche Molecular Systems Inc. USA
   (pos specimens): 3.485-10.017