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Figure 2

From: Genetic diversity of Brucella ovis isolates from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, by MLVA16

Figure 2

Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) analysis of Brucella ovis isolates from sheep of Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil plus all 19 MLVA16 genotypes of B. ovis available in the MLVAbank 2014, using the MLVA16 data. The MST analyses included 14 B. ovis field strains tested in the present study (203 L, 252 L, 201 L, S/NL, 266 L, 286 L, 0236., 100 V, 0204., 241E, 31 V, 91AV, 94AV and 5013) and all nineteen B. ovis MLVA16 genotypes available in MLVAbank 2014 ( The minimum spanning tree presented is the one with the highest overall reliability score and was calculated using Prim’s algorithm associated with the priority rule and the bootstrap resampling. Numbers inside each clonal complex represent the genotype on Panel 1 (MLVA8). Branch length and thickness reflects number of differences between nodes. Information on the origin of the isolates was color labeled in the same way as shown in the Figure 1.

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