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Table 2 Summary of IHC analysis of IL32 in patient samples (TMA)

From: Preliminary characterization of IL32 in basal-like/triple negative compared to other types of breast cell lines and tissues

Pathology Nature Receptor status # samples (Signal Intensity) % with signal ≥ 3
Normal Normal Non triple negative 3/9 (1–2) ; 6/9 ND 0%
Fibroadenoma Benign Non triple negative 0/6 (0–1) 0%
Invasive ductal carcinoma with residual normal/hyperplasia Benign Non triple negative 1/1 (3) 100%
Atypical/Seveous atypical hyperplasia Hyperplasia Non triple negative 0/4 (0–1) 0%
Ductal carcinoma/Invasive ductal or lobular carcinoma Malignant Non triple negative 16/64 (3–4) ; 9 (1–2); 39/64 ND 25%
Invasive ductal carcinoma Malignant Triple negative 5/12 (3–4) ; 7/12 ND 42%
  1. The pathology, nature and receptor status were determined by the TMA vendor. Ninety four total cores demonstrated CD31 signal intensity ≥ 3, and subsequently included in the IHC analyses. The IL32 signal intensities were scored and the number of samples analyzed and their corresponding IL32 signal intensities listed. The percent of samples with IL32 signal intensities ≥ 3+ were also given. ND = not detected. The signal intensity determined by 2 operators (AP and TO).