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Table 1 Full-length original message components and sample converted SMS messages

From: How 2 txt: an exploration of crafting public health messages in SMS

  Local Health Jurisdiction State Health Department CDC
  Norovirus-like Illness RMSF advisory Monkeypox advisory
Message components in full-length message a
Topic x x x
Recommend x x x
Location x x x
Signs/Sx x x x
Population x x x
Link x x x
Contact x   
Report x x  
Background   x x
Source x x x
Sample SMS conversions
  Norovirus like illness george county. Educate pts on enteric disease. Notify institutional illness to 555-555-5555. Info at Consider RMSF in people with abrupt onset headache, fever, rash. Do not delay treatment while waiting for serology (IgG) results. Report cases to public health. MONKEYPOX OUTBREAK ALERT. CDC identified shipment of infected African rodents April 9th. Refer to
  POSSIBLE NOROVIRUS IN GEORGE COUNTY. Symptoms: N/V/D; HA; lasting 24–48 hrs. Wash hands, avoid contact with infected food. Report cases to PH Dept. 1-28-11 Infected ticks transmit R. rickettsii may lead to RMSF. Diagnose sx (fever and HA), treat empirically, confirm serology, report to PH Monkeypox outbreak identified in imported rodents. Human cases confirmed. For complete data and quarantine information, see
  1. aNote that no message included the component "OtherConditions".