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Table 4 List of public health message components for prioritization in part 1

From: How 2 txt: an exploration of crafting public health messages in SMS

Component Definition
Topic Alert or advisory topic or event
Background Background or history of the Topic
OtherConditions Other conditions related to the topic or event (e.g., air quality advisory impacting asthma patients)
Location Geographic location affected by the Topic
Link Link to more information, e.g., a link to a web page or supporting document
Population Population (e.g., age group) affected
Contact Public Health Department contact information, e.g., phone or fax number
Report Instructions for reporting an incident of the Topic to the Public Health Department
Recommend Suggested responses, requested actions or treatment instructions
Signs/Sx Signs and symptoms regarding the Topic
Source Source of the advisory or alert, e.g., CDC, Department of Health, etc.