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Figure 3

From: Analysis of high fat diet induced genes during mammary gland development: identifying role players in poor prognosis of breast cancer

Figure 3

BC invasion genes are enriched in HFD microarray samples. Gene set enrichment analysis (GSEA) was performed with microarray data from 10 week old mice treated with HFD (labeled F) or control diet (labeled C) and 361 curated genes sets from the Molecular Signatures Database, Broad Institute; enrichment plots for two of the analyzed gene sets are shown. In these analyses, genes are ranked based on their association with the HFD phenotype or the control phenotype. Genes most strongly associated with HFD would be on the far right. Enrichment scores (ES) are calculated using a weighted Kolmogorov-Smirnov-style statistic. Lines underneath the graph depict the genes that are contained in the investigated gene set. A-B, genes associated with invasion in BC were highly associated with HFD samples. P values are indicated on plots.

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