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Figure 4

From: Analysis of high fat diet induced genes during mammary gland development: identifying role players in poor prognosis of breast cancer

Figure 4

BC Mesenchymal genes are enriched in HFD microarray samples. GSEA was performed with microarray data from 10 week old mice that were fed HFD (labeled F for flaxseed or CO for corn oil) or normal diet (labeled C for control) and 361 curated gene sets from the Molecular Signatures Database, Broad Institute; enrichment plots are shown for the Charafe_Breast_Cancer_Luminal_VS_Mesenchymal_DN geneset. A-B, genes associated with mesenchymal characteristics in BC were significantly associated with the HFD samples. C, the average expression of the mesenchymal marker Vimentin was calculated for HFD (corn oil or flaxseed) and control samples using data from the Luitjen et al. microarray data set. Vimentin was strikingly expressed 10–20 fold higher in HFD treated MG compared to control MGs. P values are indicated on graphs.

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