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Table 1 The command given during the two parts of the test and the corresponding scores

From: Visual- spatial capacity: gender and sport differences in young volleyball and tennis athletes and non-athletes

1st part of the test: execution  
Command given The blindfolded subject has to execute the following commands:
  - Take a lateral left step,
  - Take two steps forward,
  - Turn right 90°,
  - Take two steps forward,
  - Take a lateral right step,
  - Go back to the starting point.
Point assigned - Steps forward: 2 points
  - Lateral steps: 2 points
  - Right turn: 1 point
  - Go back correctly: 5 points
  Total score: 20 points
2nd part of the test: reproduction  
Command given We ask to subject to design the route.
Point assigned - Lateral step: 2 points
  - Steps forward: 2 points
  - Right turn 90°: 5 points
  - Right lateral steps: 2 points
  - Go back to the starting point: 1 point
  Total score: 20 points