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Table 1 Strains sequenced in the study and their taxonomic designation

From: DNA analyses of a private collection of microbial green algae contribute to a better understanding of microbial diversity

Strain rDNA sequence Taxonomic designation
Acc. no. Coverage SSU intron*  
GB1a AB917097 SSU–ITS2   Desmodesmus sp.
GB1c AB917098 SSU–ITS2   ‘Ankistrodesmus’ gracilis
GB1d AB917099 SSU–ITS2   Pectinodesmus sp.
GB1e AB917100 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GB1g AB917101 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GB1h AB917102 SSU–ITS2   Pectinodesmus sp.
GB1j AB917103 SSU–5′LSU 516 Pectinodesmus sp.
GB1k AB917104, -105 SSU–5′LSU   Micractinium sp.
GS2i AB917106 SSU–ITS2 516, 943, 1512 Desmodesmus brasiliensis
GS2j AB917107 SSU–ITS2 516 Desmodesmus opoliensis
GS2k AB917108 3′SSU–ITS2 Desmodesmus opoliensis
GS2L AB917109 SSU–ITS2 516, 943, 1512 Desmodesmus brasiliensis
GS2m AB917110 SSU–ITS2 516 Desmodesmus opoliensis
GS2n AB917111 SSU–ITS2 516, 943, 1512 Desmodesmus brasiliensis
GS2o AB917112 SSU–ITS2   Desmodesmus armatus
GS2p AB917113 SSU–ITS2   Desmodesmus armatus
GS3a AB917114 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3b AB917115 3′SSU–5′LSU Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3c AB917116 SSU–ITS2 943 Tetranephris brasiliensis
GS3d AB917117 3′SSU–5′LSU Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3e AB917118 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3f AB917119 SSU–ITS2 943 Tetranephris brasiliensis
GS3g AB917120 3′SSU–5′LSU Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3h AB917121 3′SSU–5′LSU Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3i AB917122 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3j AB917123 3′SSU–ITS2 Tetranephris brasiliensis
GS3k AB917124 3′SSU–5′LSU Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3m AB917125 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3n AB917126 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GS3p AB917127 SSU–ITS2   Acutodesmus obliquus
GM4a AB917128 SSU–5′LSU   Desmodesmus sp.
GM4b AB917129 SSU–5′LSU 156, 943, 1046, 1139, 1512 Selenastraceae sp.
GM4c AB917130 SSU–ITS2 516, 1512 Desmodesmus sp.
GM4d AB917131 SSU–5′LSU 516, 943, 1046 Nephrochlamys subsolitaria
GM4e AB917132 SSU–5′LSU 40, 156, 516, 1046, 1139, 1512 Neochloris sp.
GM4f AB917133 SSU–ITS2   Desmodesmus armatus
GM4g AB917134 SSU–ITS2 516, 943, 1512 Desmodesmus bicellularis
GM4h AB917135 SSU–ITS2 516, 943 Desmodesmus armatus
GM4i AB917136 SSU–5′LSU 516 Desmodesmus sp.
GM4j AB917137 SSU–5′LSU 516, 1512 Desmodesmus sp.
GM4k AB917138 SSU–5′LSU   Desmodesmus armatus
GM4n AB917139 SSU–5′LSU   Desmodesmus pannonicus
GA5a AB917140 SSU–5′LSU   Coccomyxa sp.
  1. *Insertion position corresponding to Escherichia coli rRNA gene.
  2. Strain names indicate the water source in Germany from which the strain originated. GB1: a pond in the Botanischer Garten, Berlin, July 28, 2011; GS2: an artificial pond in the Mittlerer Schlossgarten, Stuttgart, July 31; GS3: a fountain in the Oberer Schlossgarten, Stuttgart, July 31; GM4: an artificial pond in Denninger Anger Park, Munich, Aug. 1; GA5: Alpsee Lake in the Ostallgäu district of Bavaria, Aug. 2.