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Figure 1

From: Highly efficient genome editing via 2A-coupled co-expression of two TALEN monomers

Figure 1

Cartoon of relevant domains for TALEN-L (left), TALEN-R (right), and pTAL10-TALEN. Diagram of notable regions of myostatin or AAVS1 locus targeting TALEN constructs (TALEN-L, TALEN-R, and pTAL10-TALEN) and experimental design. Monomers TALEN-L and TALEN-R contain EGFP/3xFLAG or mCherry/3xFLAG for transfection and biochemical monitoring respectively. pTAL10-TALEN contains both TALEN monomers, linked by a self-peptide cleaving sequence. Left and right monomers can be fluorescently or biochemically monitored by EGFP/3xFLAG or mCherry/2xHA tags respectively.

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