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Figure 9

From: Cosuppression of the chloroplast localized molecular chaperone HSP90.5 impairs plant development and chloroplast biogenesis in Arabidopsis

Figure 9

Transmission electron microscopy of variegated rosette leaves from no. 3 transgenic plants. The 6th vegetative leaves from 23-day-old variegated transgenic plant line no.3 (3A) and wild type (WT) were sectioned into three regions: inner albino region, middle yellow transition region and outer green region. The scale bars represent 500 nm with 50,000 x, 2 μm in 15,000 x and 20 μm in 1,800 x magnifications. A, EM images for inner (proximal) regions. B, EM images for middle transition regions. C, EM images for outer (distal) green regions.

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