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Figure 2

From: Evaluation of pre-induction temperature, cell growth at induction and IPTG concentration on the expression of a leptospiral protein in E. coli using shaking flasks and microbioreactor

Figure 2

Growth curves of E. coli BL21 (DE3) Star™/pAE/LigB (131-645aa). (a) Cell growth at 37°C and 28°C in TB at 200 rpm (errors in absorbance measured at 600 nm of between 1 and 2%). (b) Comparison between uninduced and IPTG-induced growth at 28°C. Induction was performed for 4 h after IPTG was added (equivalent to 7 h process) at Absind = 0.75 (the time when 0.55 mM IPTG was added is indicated by an arrow at 3 h process). As indicated in the scale, 1 h induction was reached after 4 h process, 2 h induction after 5 h process, and 3 h induction after 6 h process, respectively.

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