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Table 1 Tested brands of bottled water samples produced by different classes of companies

From: The bacteriological quality of different brands of bottled water available to consumers in Ile-Ife, south-western Nigeria

Producers Brand Location of production plant No. of batches Method of disinfection
Multinational companies A Ibadan 3 Chlorination
B Lagos 3 Chlorination
C Lagos 3 Filtration and UV
Medium scale and institutional bottling companies D Ibadan 3 Chlorination
E Ile-Ife 3 Ozonisation
F Osogbo 3 Filtration and ozonisation
Small scale business entrepreneurs G Ile-Ife 2 Filtration and ozonisation
H Ile-Ife 2 Unspecified
I Ile-Ife 3 Filtration and ozonisation
J Ile-Ife 3 Unspecified
K Ile-Ife 3 Unspecified
L Ile-Ife 3 Chlorination
M Ile-Ife 3 Chlorination
N Ile-Ife 3 Ozonisation
O Ilesa 3 Filtration