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Table 4 mRNAs targeted with 2 differentially expressed miRNAs

From: miRNome of inflammatory breast cancer

miRNAs Validated target genes
hsa-miR-106b ↑ APLP2, APP, CDKN1A, EEF1A1, PRMT3
hsa-miR-1260 ↑
hsa-miR-106b ↑ ELOVL6, IPO7
hsa-miR-204 ↓
hsa-miR-1260 ↑ ENO1, RPL3
hsa-miR-204 ↓
hsa-let-7a-2-star ↓ HMGA2
hsa-miR-204 ↓
hsa-miR-106b ↑ VEGFA
hsa-miR-548 h ↓
  1. Up- and down-regulated miRNAs in IBC vs. non-IBC patients are indicated by the upward and downward arrows, respectively.