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Table 1 10-item questionnaire addressing the OA recommended prevention guidelines concerning osteoporosis

From: Knowledge change regarding osteoporosis prevention: translating recommended guidelines into user-friendly messages within a community forum

Please read the following statements, and circle whether you think the statements are TRUE or FALSE. If you do not know the answer, please circle UNSURE
A diet low in calcium increases the risk of osteoporosis TRUE FALSE USURE
We should include 3–5 serves of calcium-rich foods in our daily diet TRUE FALSE USURE
Food is the main source of vitamin D TRUE FALSE USURE
The body needs vitamin D to help absorb calcium TRUE FALSE USURE
Excessive alcohol is bad for your bones TRUE FALSE USURE
Activities like swimming and cycling help to build strong bones TRUE FALSE USURE
People with osteoporosis can feel their bones getting weak TRUE FALSE USURE
Long periods of sitting are good for bone strength TRUE FALSE USURE
Cigarette smoking will harm your bones TRUE FALSE USURE
Osteoporosis can affect men TRUE FALSE USURE