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Table 1 Comparison of main features between Mason and pViz.js

From: Mason: a JavaScript web site widget for visualizing and comparing annotated features in nucleotide or protein sequences

Feature Mason pViz.js FeatureViewer
Simple, standalone component
Dynamic interface
Click and mouseover events
No browser plugins required
Data-driven coloring and shading
Optimized for many overlapping annotations   
Row-level summary bars   
Customizable annotation shapes  
Export Image   
  1. †pViz.js, by default, supports color customization via CSS, which requires pre-defined color definitions for classes of annotations in advance and is not amenable to true data-driven coloring schemes where color may indicate any possible value. ‡DasFeatureViewer extension of FeatureViewer requires a server-side DAS data source (SimpleFeatureViewer does not).