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Figure 1

From: In silico analysis of the polygalacturonase inhibiting protein 1 from apple, Malus domestica

Figure 1

The translated primary structure of the Malus domestica polygalacturonase inhibiting protein 1 ( Md PGIP1). Single letter codes are used to present amino acids. A: signal peptide, B: N-terminal domain, C: leucine-rich repeat LRR domain, and D: C-terminal domain. Hydrophobic amino acids leucine (L) and isoleucine (I) are highlighted in orange and the LRR consensus sequence is highlighted in lime. The N-glycosylation sites (N-X-S/T) are highlighted in red, with the cleavage site (A-L-S) highlighted in pink. N- and C-terminal cysteine residues are highlighted in sea green. Sheet-B1, sheet-B2 and 310-helix are highlighted with grey, blue and pink background colours, respectively.

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