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Table 1 Characteristics of children aged 047 months with mothers 1449 years who were pregnant in the last two years

From: Understanding whose births get registered: a cross sectional study in Bauchi and Cross River states, Nigeria

Factors Cross River state Bauchi state
Weighted percent (fraction) Weighted percent (fraction)
With birth certificate 44.9(3973/8425) 18.9(1790/9670)
Male 49.4(4214/8600) 50.7(4958/9836)
Mother married or co-habiting 89.2(7646/8562) 99.2(9731/9817)
Mother attended had ANC in a government health facility in her last pregnancy 73.8(6451/8533) 69.8(6767/9826)
Mother delivered in a government health facility in her last pregnancy 32.5(2770/8464) 16.9(1581/9707)
Mothers has < 2 children 46.1(3913/8598) 35.3(3453/9823)
Mother has an income and decides on how to spend it 46.7(3990/8590) 51.4(5128/9816)
Mother has some formal education 94.5(8030/8544) 19.1(1960/9830)
Mother has junior or higher education 62.4(5327/8544) 8.7(830/9830)
Father has some formal education 95.6(7841/8244) 34.2(3407/9732)
Father has junior or higher education 72.1(5900/8244) 25.0(2468/9732)
From female headed households 14.3(1232/8576) 0.4(40/9789)
From households with enough food in the last week 80.8(6860/8544) 89.8(8859/9758)
From urban area 32.2(2802/8602) 18.9(1600/9837)
From community with a government health facility 74.7(6439/8405) 58.3(6018/9789)
From community with active village health development committee 55.6(4384/8122) 16.8(2223/9753)