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Table 4 Species, altitudinal range, habitat and available area of occurrence

From: Three new species of spiny throated reed frogs (Anura: Hyperoliidae) from evergreen forests of Tanzania

Species Altitudinal range Habitat Expected area of occurrence
H. burgessi East Usambara: Submontane forest 14,774 km2
900–1100 m
Nguru: 900–1000 m
Uluguru: 980 m
H. davenporti Livingstone: 2010 m Montane forest edge 28 km2
H. minutissimus Njombe: 2010 m Montane forest edge and grassland 14,904 km2
1680–1970 m
H. spinigularis Malawi: 690 m Submontane forest and forest edge 5,488 km2
Mozambique: 1250 m
H. tanneri West Usambara: Submontane forest and forest edge 4 km2
1310–1650 m
H. ukwiva Rubeho: 1660 m Montane forest edge 1,179 km2