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Figure 2

From: Enrichment of bacteria samples by centrifugation improves the diagnosis of orthopaedics-related infections via real-time PCR amplification of the bacterial methicillin-resistance gene

Figure 2

M-PCR did not increase detection of the mecA gene in purified DNA. To compare the detection sensitivity of the M-PCR method with the conventional real-time PCR method, we made diluent using the purified DNA of MRSA. DNA was first purified from cultured MRSA and dissolved in 5 mL PBS. Next, DNA was purified by conventional methods (A) or following centrifugation (B: M-PCR). A comparative Ct (ΔCt) analysis was performed to examine fold changes of the mecA gene. The results showed that M-PCR did not increase the detection of the mecA gene in purified DNA. The experiment was performed in triplicate with similar results.

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