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Fig. 1

From: deFUME: Dynamic exploration of functional metagenomic sequencing data

Fig. 1

The deFUME output page. a Screenshot from the deFUME interactive output showing two Sanger reads (dark green) assembled into a 1,568 bp contig (green) by Phrap. deFUME annotated three open reading frames; ORF1 is annotated by BLASTp as a DJ-1 family protein, ORF2 as an acetyltransferase and ORF3 as a thymidylate kinase. The “Coverage %” column shows that only ORF2 is a complete gene, indicating the phenotypic activity from this clone likely arises from ORF2. All ORFs contain multiple Interpro hits (yellow) that can be inspected in detail by clicking on the “Interpro” link which launches the native Interpro webpage. b deFUME analysis toolbox. The data can be filtered and manipulated by turning on and off different levels of metadata, filter on E value and filter on specific GO terms.

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